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Just how far will people go for Fame & Fortune? Just when you thought the whole reality craze could go no further,“GAMES PEOPLE PLAY: New York” brings you seduction, bulimia, nudity, Tourette’s Syndrome and some real f#$@ed-up behavior, all in what is truly America’s most uninhibited game!

Critic's Comments

"'GAMES PEOPLE PLAY' is a very special film from a very original director, grounded in the fast-track pulse of now. It is so fresh, moving, outrageous and smart – it's unlike anything you’ve seen before – with enough shocks and constant surprises to knock you right out of your shoes. The film really keeps you on the edge of your seat.

This is the second time I've seen ‘GAMES PEOPLE PLAY,’ and I find new things in it each time. I think it's enormously clever and I am not a fan or an admirer of reality TV. I don't like any of it. But this film is so clever and unique – and so different. I just think it's an enormous feat of editing and technical wizardry. And on top of all that, I think it's very moving because it tells you so much about these people.

I especially liked the actor Joshua Coleman, who I think is a great leading man – and a man of many faces – funny, loose, charismatic – yet spirited and alluring enough to put the audience at ease, and seductive enough to turn the audience on. Best of all, Coleman makes people want to experience more of his charm as an actor. He's some kind of blond, all-American, big screen dynamite just waiting to explode!

The first time I saw this film, I thought – wait a minute, these people have too many problems. They couldn't have gone through that many traumatic things. But then of course, you realize later on what the secret of the film really is. I don't want to give anything away, but it's very clever. It really is a remarkable achievement."
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