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Tom Thomsen
Original Music

Check out Tom's web site, complete with streaming audio and video, at www.tmt-music.com

Tom Thomsen was born and raised on a farm near Omaha Nebraska, where he began playing the piano at the age of four. Through his career as a young pianist, Tom was able to win the Nebraska Music Association superior award with honors three years in a row for his performances of Grieg, Schumann, Mozart and Schubert. Tom studied composition for two years at the college of St. Olaf, where he decided not to be a music teacher and pursue film scoring. Shortly after moving to New York, Tom began getting work with some of the best and brightest performers in improvisational comedy today. Tom has performed with groups such as "GOGA", "The Improvoholics", "Chez Improv", and many others. Tom is currently one of three resident pianists for New York's longest running Off-Broadway comedy show, "Chicago City Limits".

Tom's first job as composer was writing the music and vocals to the Off-Broadway musical "God?". Then he wrote, orchestrated and performed the score for the independent short "Smile", which won "Best Director", "Best Cinematography" and "Best Picture" at the 2000 Hofstra Film Festival.

Tom also scored "Reflection", an animated short, "Carla Coppola - Law Abiding Citizen", a one-act play which premiered at the Producer's Club, and another new feature film, "Season of Youth", which premiers this January. Much love and many thanks to Tom's girlfriend, Tina, who provides constant encouragement, support, and above all, love.

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