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Richard Reichgut
Executive Producer
After graduating from the University of Texas with a bachelor's degree in computer science, Mr. Reichgut immediately began to apply his technology skills in the defense industry facilitating projects such as General Dynamics's Electric Boat division as a systems engineer at Harris Corporation. Following that, Reichgut entered the financial services industry by holding various technical management positions at Quotron-which was later purchased by CitiCorp.

Always a pulse on the future of technology, and impressed with the direction of Sun Microsystems, Mr. Reichgut left Quotron to join the Sun team, where he worked for the next 10 years, again holding technical management positions-this time in engineering, sales and marketing. Additionally, Reichgut championed the internet-wave when it was just in its infancy, and became influential in spearheading Sun's Java development and sales venture divisions.

After more than a decade at this technology bell-weather firm, the idea of joining a "start-up" became attractive to Reichgut; thus, he left Sun Microsystems to join the first of two smaller firms. First, he served as vice president of business development at Novera Software, an application server company (now Mercator Software), and in January of 1998, Reichgut joined New Era of Networks, Inc., where he served as a vice president of marketing. He currently is Vice President of Marketing at AuthentiDate, Inc.

Reichgut's involvement in the arts began at a young age. In fact, as a teenager he was enrolled as a student in the acting program at the renowned Circle in the Square. In 1998, in an attempt to balance his corporate and creative passions, Reichgut joined James Ronald Whitney as the co-executive producer of the movie "Just, Melvin," which premiered April 22, 2001 following "The Sopranos" on HBO. Reichgut has continued to be the executive producer of 3 more of Whitney's films. "TheWorkingGirl.com." "Telling Nicholas" (which premiered May 12, 2002 following "Six Feet Under" on HBO), and "GAMES PEOPLE PLAY ," which is currently in pre-production.
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