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Mark Scetta Photo
Mark Scetta
Sound Mixing

Originally from Providence, RI, Mark brought his multimedia talents to New York City on New Year's day 2001. His fulfillment comes from diverse sources: engineering high-fidelity sound for music and film, driving the audio industry forward with innovations in electronics, and teaching guitar to a six-year-old. Within several months of arriving in New York Mark was
not only producing and engineering music from his own sound studio but also designing and setting up studios for clients.

At the age of three Mark was rarely seen without his trusty 45rpm
phonograph; at twelve, a guitar; and today, a digital multitrack studio. Mark's passion for music and technology has blossomed into a life's work of mixing international records in many genres and designing custom audio tools for musicians and engineers. A trained musician, he also performs with such bands as Planet Groove, In the Pocket, and Fat Buddah. 

In the one year that he has been in new york, Mark's audio recording and mixing skills have fueled collaborations with members of Groove Collective, Orange Factory (Yoko Ono, Tina Ann), and signed recording artists Jordan Zed and David Davinchi. His audio engineering has been heard by countless viewers of the New York City-based independent films 'Renewal' and 'The Descent of Walter McFea', by corporate clients such as American Express and All-ways Communications, as well as viewers of Mtv's annual Music Awards program.

Mark's interest in audio electronics stems from a desire to create and improve the tools that musicians and engineers have at their disposal: to expand the palette of what is musically possible. Custom designs such as filterbanks and harmonic enhancers can be found at Sony studios New York as well as with international touring artists Britney Spears and Bon Jovi.

Mark's passion for sound and light has further led him to show his work in black & white photography, to edit documentaries on digital video, and to create the websites of companies such as Adcare Health and Ron Rovig & Company consultants.

More information on Mark can be found at the What?sound website: www.whatsound.net

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