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Joshua Coleman

Josh's Photos

As a small child, Joshua Coleman (www.JoshuaColeman.biz) was cast into his first role, playing the son of a father who was imprisoned for committing an incredibly violent crime. Next, he played the stepson of a man who, after raising Coleman for eight years, simply left a goodbye note and never was heard from again. Unfortunately for Coleman, these two roles he assumed weren't performed on stage or screen--they were acted out in real life. In fact, through a series of circumstances worthy of a screenplay, Coleman was ultimately separated him from his entire family. But this independent young man never gave up, and to this day, he continues to apply the lessons he learned from his past in order to make his future both productive and successful--a promise he made to his mother.

Joshua, a very focused academician and athlete with a passion for performing arts, graduated with a 4.0 GPA from his high school in California where, as captain of the track and field team, he excelled in so many events that he eventually became a decathlete. After being heavily recruited for both his scholastic and athletic talents, and having no family ties to consider, Coleman headed east to begin his tenure at one of the several Ivy League universities he'd considered attending--the University of Pennysylvania, where, in addition to pursuing his passion for the dramatic arts, Coleman was once again named captain of the track and field team. For the first time in four years, Coleman led his team to victory in the Ivy League Championships, and independently, he finished with an impressive total score of more than 6100 points in the decathlon and a pole vault of 16'0".

In his junior year, while preparing for the role of an All-American jock on stage, Josh took up bodybuilding. Again, determined to succeed, his hard work paid off and he earned the prestigious bodybuilding championship title of Mr. Penn later that year. After graduating with honors, Coleman moved to New York City two months after the World Trade Center Attack in order to pursue his dream as an actor, and he was cast as the lead in the first feature-film for which he auditioned...”GAMES PEOPLE PLAY: New York.” The director was so impressed with his talent and drive that he was immediately cast as the special guest star of "GAMES PEOPLE PLAY: Hollywood." Rex Reed described Coleman's debut performance as "A great leading man - and a man of many faces - funny, loose, charismatic - yet spirited and alluring enough to put the audience at ease, and seductive enough to turn the audience on. Best of all, Coleman makes people want to experience more of his charm as an actor. He's some kind of blond, all-American, big screen dynamite just waiting to explode!"

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