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Gilda Carle

DR. GILDA CARLE offers relationship solutions that span the bedroom to the boardroom. She has a private practice, she is an associate professor of psychology and communications at Mercy College, NY, and she has authored: “Don’t Bet on the Prince! How to Have the Man You Want by Betting On Yourself” (a test question on “JEOPARDY!,”) “He’s Not All That! How to Attract the Good Guys,” and “Teen Talk with Dr. Gilda: A Girl’s Guide to Dating.” The New York Times calls her “the busiest television therapist in the business.”

Gannett names her “TV’s #1 talk-show therapist, hotter than the Sahara, part philosopher and part stand-up comic.” She holds a Ph.D. in Educational Leadership from New York University. As a youngster, she danced on TV. As a young adult, she taught in New York’s inner city schools. Later heading her own company, she became a management consultant and motivational speaker, where she trained executives of Fortune 500 companies to boost their bottom lines by enhancing their corporate relationships. She published articles in technical journals and company magazines, and often delivered them abroad.

Always the educator, while offering advice on a home shopping network, syndicated television discovered her– and she began to expand her reach from the corporate sector into the realm of personal relationships, as well. Today, she is the only internationally-acclaimed relationship expert specializing in professional as well as personal relationships–which also include teens. These unique credentials allow DR. GILDA to advise people in the context of the larger picture–whether it is an organization or a family. She is the Relationship Expert on WABC’s flagship “Success Radio” show, she does the “Shrink Rap” column in Soap Opera Digest, she is the Relationship Expert for Harlequin Enterprises Worldwide, and the Relationship Expert for AMI Mini Mags, the booklets at supermarket check-out counters. Previously, she had her own show as the Love Doc on MTV Online, she was on the advisory board of the National Association for Female Executives (NAFE), and she was the Valentine’s Day Spokesperson for Hallmark. She was named “Best Speaker in America" by Successful Meetings Magazine, and she became one of L'Egg's "Women on the Move."

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