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Elisha Wilson

Elisha's Photos

Elisha Imani Wilson was born in a suburban town into an interracial family. Her knack for showing off quickly became apparent. At the early age of four, her parents started her in dance classes. Elisha took to the dance classes very quickly and soon she was dancing almost every day. Naturally this lead to other aspects of performing.At the age of 9 she began modeling and by 11 she was performing bit parts in plays performed by the local community theatre. At the age of 12, she began training with a professional dance company and was soon performing and touring with them. Throughout high school dance became her focus. She continued to work with the company and quickly excelled to soloist roles. She spent summers studying with other companies such as Ailvin Ailey and Dance Theater of Harlem. Upon graduation Elisha began to freelance with many companies. Finally, she found a home with Urban Dance Theatre where she has been dancing for three years.

Although dance will always be her first love, she grew restless with the limitations of the ballet world. So once again she ventured into other parts of entertainment. She began modeling again and performing in music videos. Before long she was auditioning for acting jobs. She landed
jobs here and there but always found it difficult to balance her acting and dancing. It was rare to get a good job that combined the two. She now hopes to take what she has learned on to many new film projects and possibly Broadway.

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